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Menu items

Access pages by clicking on the menu icon

Second level controls

Clicking the filter icon will bring up your Timeline Map Filters [display on Timeline Map Onshore and Offshore page only]. Users are able to filter on single permits, along with permit activities.

Up arrow [displays on every page]. A quick and convenient way that takes you back to the top of each page.

Down arrow [displays on Timeline Map, Recent Permit Updates]. Whenever available, it allows a user to drop to the bottom of each page. This function has been implemented for smaller devices and screen sizes.

The Timeline

Use your mouse to drag main timeline (swipe using tablet or smart phone) or the mini timeline to the left or right to move along the date line.

Clicking a Permit Number/item within the main timeline will automatically put focus on the corresponding permit block in question (displayed on the map). Alternatively a user can click a block within the map window, this will bring up more information regarding the block and activity associated.

The Main Map

Permit Blocks dynamically displayed based on the timeline date window period.

Each Permit Block is associated with the corresponding Activity (shown on the timeline - see image below).

The colour of the Permit Block indicates the activity type (to see activity types see filter menu). Should there be multiple activities within the date window period for 1 permit, the block shapes will overlay on top of each other for that permit. To see all relevant activities for that permit, it is advised to filter by permit.

Permit block shapes are also interactive, clicking a block shape will provide additional information to the user about the selected activity.

Recent Permit Updates

Each table can be dynamically sorted by clicking the header of each column.

Tip! By pressing and holding the [shift] key, and using your left mouse button, you can select multiple rows to sort on

Any issues

Contact us at info@totum.co.nz


We welcome any feedback and are constantly seeking to improve our tools! Please email us info@totum.co.nz.


Shapes are indicative only and shape files of permit boundaries can be downloaded from www.nzpam.govt.nz.

We only add certain work programme activities being on-ground activities (e.g drilling, seismic acquisition), relinquishment obligations and commit and surrender points as well as permit expiry. We do not add desktop studies, seismic reprocessing etc. We have to shorten obligations to summarise them so you should refer to the permit for full details (available at www.nzpam.govt.nz).

We strive to make the information as accurate as possible but we cannot guarantee that there will be no errors or ommissions. If you notice any errors or ommissions, we will correct them as soon as possible. Please tell us at info@totum.co.nz.

We verify the site content daily but it may take up to 48 hours to update changes. Check the permit updates section to see if permits are subject to change applications.